Small & Affordable - Entry Guidelines

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We are very grateful to anyone who feels they are in a position to be able to donate a piece of their artwork to help us survive through these difficult times. We appreciate that times are tough for individuals too and that some will not feel they are able to donate a piece, even if they would like to.

Please read through the full terms and conditions before submitting your donated work.

All applications must be submitted online in order to reduce the amount of time required by our volunteers. If you experience any accessibility issues, please get in contact via email and let us know what you are having problems with.

We welcome work from all artists and makers for Small & Affordable. Entries must be completed online by the deadline.

All artwork needs to be delivered to Black Swan Arts by the dates stated below. 

What can you donate

Any medium will be accepted. There may be limitations on exhibiting certain items in terms of scale, equipment or health and safety.

All 2D work must be no larger than 30cm on it’s longest side. 3D work should be no greater than 30cm in height, width or depth. 

Before you enter

Prepare a digital image of your work

Entries for the exhibition are selected via a digital image, and you will need to upload a good quality digital photograph of your artwork via our online form. If you are unfamiliar with taking or preparing digital images, then we suggest you find somebody to help you with this. We are unable to do this for you.

Here are some tips to help you take a successful digital photo:

  • use a digital camera (or phone or equivalent)
  • place the work in an uncluttered space or on a plain wall so that the artwork is clearly visible and defined
  • make sure that only the artwork appears in the photograph
  • if the item is very large or very small, put a tape measure in the photograph to give an idea of the scale
  • ensure you have a clear and focused shot
  • your image should be in colour without enhancements or filters
  • rename the file to include your full name e.g.
    • “salvador-dali-01.jpg” for your first image
    • “salvador-dali-02.jpg” for your second

Online submission

When you are ready, your entry must be submitted online by following the entry screen instructions. A bar shows at the top to show you your progress. We use this software to manage our usual Young Open and Art Open entries, so please excuse any references to 'competition' in the instructions.

progress bar, indicating 4 stages
  1. Complete ‘Registration Details’ to provide some information about yourself. If you’ve entered a competition previously, this information will be stored. 
  2. Tick the checkbox to confirm you agree that Black Swan Arts or their representatives may contact you to confirm your registration.
  3. Add your ‘Entry Details’, to provide information about your work as an artist. You should include a short artist statement here, which will help us to promote the work and give you some publicity as an artist.
  4. ‘Register new artwork’ to add each piece. You will need to complete each field and wait for your image to upload. Larger files will take longer and if you have an unstable internet connection, it may cause the system to time out.
  5. Check the box to confirm you agree to grant Black Swan Arts the right to use your work for publicity, and the right to crop the image as necessary.
  6. Save & upload, then repeat steps 4 to 6 to add another image.

Make sure you click to ‘save & continue’ after completing the fields on each screen. Some fields have validation, so you will need to input information in the right format in order to save.

You can edit your entry at any time to make amendments before the deadline.

Completing your entry

There is no payment, so you will need to send us an email to confirm that your entry is finished. Unfortunately, the way that our software is built is that the final part of the submission process is payment, so we will need to override this manually.

Email us at from the email address you included on your entry. Please include:

  • your full name
  • the number of artworks you have donated

Once the deadline has passed we will assume all partial entries are complete.

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