Guild Foundation - Terms & Conditions of Entry

  1. The Admissions process to the Guild is in 2 stages.
  2. Stage 1 – online submission, images to be viewed by Selectors
  3. Stage 2 – actual work to be viewed by the Selectors
  4. Application Fee is £20. Applications will only be accepted if the submission fee has been paid in full. If your artwork is not selected the entry fee WILL NOT be refunded.
  5. You may only make one entry during the application round with a maximum of six images submitted.
  6. All artwork/s submitted must be made and designed by the artist, who is the named person on the submission form.
  7. There is a maximum floor space for 2 & 3-dimensional work of 1m x 1m, so work must be within these dimensions to be accepted.
  8. Upon successful submission, the artist agrees that any images supplied can be used by the Black Swan Arts in promotional material. If necessary, the artist agrees to supply high-resolution images (above 3MB and below 5MB) of artworks selected for use in printed and electronic media and press releases. The artist agrees for these images to be reduced, enlarged or slightly cropped to suit promotional purposes if required.
  9. The panel of Selectors are the only people who will choose artists for both stages. Only they are able to offer artists membership of the Guild. The Selectors’ decisions are final.
  10. For Stage 2 work to be delivered to the Round Tower at Black Swan Arts, 2 Bridge St, Frome, BA11 1BB.
  11. Art deposited at the Gallery must be unwrapped by the artist/deliverer and the wrapping taken away with them.
  12. All artwork/s presented at Stage 2 must be the same as submitted online in Stage 1, as chosen by the Selectors. No substitution can be made. If these terms are not met, Black Swan Arts retains the right to disqualify the application without refunding the submitter.
  13. Collection of artworks will be same day or day after the Stage 2 selection. Couriers should be booked to pick up on the day after.
  14. Black Swan Arts will not arrange your courier or pay any return postage costs. Transport and delivery of artworks and any associated costs are dealt with by the artist.
  15. Work to be posted should be supplied in appropriate packaging, which will be re-used with a return address label provided by the artist.
    Black Swan Arts will not insure any artworks delivered against loss, theft, malicious, accidental or environmental damage while it is in transit or in another’s custody.
  16. After successful delivery to the gallery and until collection by the artist or designated representative, all items exhibited are fully insured for the duration.
  17. Black Swan Arts will take 30% commission on all works sold in the Black Swan Arts Guild exhibitions. They will collect payment from the purchaser and remunerate the artist 70% of the received payment by BACS. Bank details will need to be provided by the artist upon request.
    Black Swan Arts will not share entrants’ personal information with third parties.

Important dates

25 February Deadline for online applications (midnight)
5 March Stage 1 results emailed to shortlisted
11 March Delivery of shortlisted work for Stage 2, between 10am & 7pm
12 March Stage 2 final selection
12 March Collection of shortlisted work, between 4-7pm 
13 March Collection of shortlisted work, between 10am - 12 noon
15 March Stage 2 results emailed to Guild members
28 March First Meeting of The Black Swan Guild Foundation Members 7pm, Round Tower, Black Swan Arts
4 – 25 May First exhibition in the Round Tower Gallery
7 September - 6 October Second exhibition in the Round Tower Gallery
30 November – 21 December Third exhibition in the Round Tower Gallery

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